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You’ve spent more time at home over the past couple years, forcing you to spend more time in the kitchen. Selecting ingredients to use in the kitchen can be stressful, which is where we come in. We’re The Butcher Guys, and we make buying meat stress-free. Here’s how:

Who We Are

We’re a wholesale delivery service that makes great food accessible. We care about providing you with the best products possible for your home cooking, so every meal is healthy, tasty, and affordable. 

We’re butchers and cooks ourselves, so we know high-quality meat. With our care and knowledge, you get top-quality ingredients, and with our convenient service, you get your ingredients with ease. 

We’re dedicated to providing you with unbelievable meat options that nourish you and your family, as well as first-class service, all at an economical price. 

What We Do

We deliver high-quality meats for a fraction of the price. We select everything ourselves, ensuring each cut meets our standards. After a careful selection, we package the selections and bring them right to your doorstep, making purchasing high-quality meat convenient and stress-free. 

Why Choose Us?

Sure, you can go to the grocery store yourself, but using The Butcher Guys is much simpler. We do everything for you – find the best local producers, communicate with the farmers directly, butcher and pack in-house and deliver. All you have to do is place an order and we’ll bring it to you. 

Top-Quality Meat

With The Butcher Guys, you can be certain you’re buying a good cut of meat. It’s important to us that we provide you with local, ethically sourced, high-quality meat that we want, too. We won’t choose anything for you that we wouldn’t choose for ourselves. 

Exceptional Prices

Not only is our meat restaurant quality and fresh, our prices are unreal. As a wholesaler, we save on costs. Rather than pocketing those savings ourselves, we factor it into the price you pay, making our products affordable for all families. We give you restaurant quality without restaurant prices. 

Huge Selection

At The Butcher Guys, we have an enormous selection of meats, as well as pantry items. We offer dozens of meat options, from ground beef and tiger shrimp to bacon and Cornish hens. 

Whatever meat you and your family are craving, we provide a top-quality, affordable option. Our selection ensures you and your family are eating tasty, healthy cuts. 

Easy Process 

Ordering from The Butcher Guys couldn’t be easier. Our entire selection is listed online, so you can add items to your cart and place an order from home. You choose whether you’d like to pick up your order yourself from one of our delivery sites, or you can have it delivered straight to your home. We give you options to make buying high-quality meat as convenient as possible. 


It’s never been easier or more affordable to get high-quality meat from the comfort of your own home. Place an order with The Butcher Guys to make buying meat simple and low-cost, while still receiving an excellent, healthy, ethical product.

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