Our Process

We do it right or we just don't do it!

Our mission is simple. Get the same quality that our restaurant clients get and deliver that to our customers - The Butcher Guys Team

1. Hand picked curated quality

Being a wholesaler first we deal with the toughest customers... Chefs! This because they know what they want and the quality they need to serve. Many of our product are very specialized like our brisket and St' Louis cut Pork ribs that are brought in specifically for those clients. Our promise is that you will get the best quality product available just like our chefs so that you can enjoy it right from home.

2. MADE-TO-ORDER not ready to be taken out of the freezer

When you order by Monday at 9pm, Tuesday morning we order directly to our farm partners to have it delivered that day or Wednesday morning. This way you are receiving the freshest product virtually directly from the source. Once brought to our warehouse we butcher and pack ready for Thursday.Meat is a very perishable items o we've taken spoilage out of the equation, another way we save so that you can save.

3. No expensive overhead

We are a wholesaler first. We don't have a fancy store front or retail space that cost a lot of money to staff. Our pick up location are partners with existing businesses that we use to offer convenient locations for pick up. What does this mean for you? We pass on the savings to you as our customers so that you can receive the highest quality for the wholesale prices.


Our Customers Says

The quality of the meat is excellent and we have enjoyed everything we have ordered. The steaks and pork chops are some of the best we’ve ever had. The burgers are also amazing and the fresh sesame buns you can order as well make them a fave with my crew. All delivered with a smile by a friendly neighbor. Highly recommend.

Sandra B | Verified Customer

We are huge fans of The Butcher Guys. We just did a Brisket on St Patties Day. Low and slow on the BBQ. It was amazing and lots to share with porch drop offs to friends. Many many great recipes for left over Brisket. Our best purchase so far.

Cindy G | Verified Customer

Ordered and loved the tomahawk steaks and andouille sausages!
Delivered on time, perfectly vacuum packed, stellar quality meat, great value!
Highly recommended!

Mark M | Verified Customer

Questions & Answers

We are a wholesaler to restaurants and chefs across the city but now offering that same quality directly to the public.

The cost of running a retail operation is high. Since we do not have the overhead of a regular retailer, we pass those savings directly on to you!

We deliver every Thursday directly to your home, office or you have the option to collect your order from our pickup location in the Beach.

Since we sell wholesale to chefs and restaurants as well as currently providing our services directly to homes across the GTA, we must place a minimum order to receive savings from our farm partners. Because we don't have stores, we pass along these savings to you.